Brent & Amanda Longenecker - By All Means Proclaiming Christ
Amanda and I have been involved in full-time ministry for the past five years.  We traveled with two ministries, Christ In Youth and Real Encounter Outreach, focusing primarily on youth evangelism. In 2008, God called us to serve in Manila, Philippines, and we quickly made preparations for our departure.  We've been in the Philippines since 2010, working with missionaries Lance and Melanie Gotcher.
Brent's Story
I grew up on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana.  My parents were missionaries there the first eight years of my life.  It was there that my relationship with Christ started.  I accepted Him into my life when I was five years old and grew in my faith with the support of godly parents.  Their testimonies showed me the importance of serving God with my life. At the age of fifteen, I started training as an acrobat.  Since then I have used strength balancing, tumbling, unicycles, juggling and stunts as a means of ministry.  While attending Moody Bible Institute, I auditioned for Cirque Du Soleil and made the waiting list.  However, God made it clear to me that His plan was for me to use the gifts and abilities he had given me for an eternal purpose.  About a year later, I served in a ministry where I met Amanda.
Amanda's Story
I grew up in a Christian home where I accepted the Lord as my Savior as a 5-year-old girl.  I was baptized at High Street Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri. That is where I have attended my whole life and served in the children’s ministry and in the music ministry.  It was always neat to hear all of the missionaries’ stories and to see their pictures during the missions conferences.  When I was twelve, I surrendered to go into full-time ministry, but as I grew older I began to pursue my own dreams.  In college, I studied in math and science with the goal to go into the field of Radiology. After two years of studying, the Lord clearly closed the door and placed me in ministry.  That is when I met my husband, Brent, and we’ve been in full-time ministry ever since.
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