Brent & Amanda Longenecker - By All Means Proclaiming Christ
It is our desire to reach the people of Manila, Philippines with the Gospel of Christ.
Church Planting
In the next five years, Sumulong Baptist Church is going to plant another 10 churches throughout Metro Manila.  We are partnering with SBC and missionaries Lance and Melanie Gotcher, to help start those church plants, and to establish their youth ministries. 
Manna Feeding Centers
There are hundreds of children and students come through the Manna Feeding Centers every week.  This is an excellent way that the church is able to minister to more families throughout the city.  Through the feeding centers, we can provide nutrition for children, encourage their families, and share the love of Christ with them.
Public School Ministry
Sumulong Baptist Church has partnerships with several major high schools where they have access to about 15,000 students.  The church provides Music, Theater, English, and now Acrobatic classes for teachers and students.  Holding these classes weekly, the church is able to build relationships and share the hope of Jesus Christ.
Street Evangelism
There are over 20 million people that populate the Metro Manila area.  There are endless opportunities to go into the tightly packed squatter villages and neighborhoods, where hundreds of families reside.  We are able to take the acrobatic performance and the transforming message of the Gospel and make an impact in the lives of the people.
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